Lewis Thayne works with presidents, heads of school, senior administrators, and trustees on integrated solutions that increase resources, build institutional strength, and ensure exceptional outcomes.

Now is the time for leaders to engage thoughtful, experienced counsel to assist in navigating the complex responsibilities of their roles.

Retained Services

  • An intensive focus on the success of your leadership and measurable impacts on organizational strength. Leaders can make full use of Lewis’s experience in addressing practical solutions to short-term issues and his creative thought-partnership in developing competitive strategies. Monthly retainer fees include scheduled weekly or bi-weekly meetings, quarterly progress reports, and as-needed email or phone communication.

Core Strategy Development

  • The core of every strategic plan is a strategy for competitive advantage. Lewis will work with you to identify and amplify your core strategy. This core is then incorporated into a white paper that can serve as the foundation of a larger and more comprehensive strategic plan or inform operational decisions over time.

His practice also delivers a variety of campaign planning and advancement services for financial impact:

Campaign Assessment and Counsel

Just as strategic planning is changing, campaign planning must change along with it. Lewis will work alongside presidents, trustees, and campus leadership to assess, prepare, plan, and launch a successful campaign.

  • Development Program Review
  • Feasibility Study
  • Campaign Priorities Review
  • Goal Setting and Solicitation Sequencing
  • Board Retreat on Campaign Planning
  • Staff and Volunteer Training
  • Presidential Solicitations and Communications

Coaching and Mentoring

Lead with confidence. There are always risks for leaders. The great risk to organizations is not a failed presidency; it is a presidency that is less successful than it could be.

  • Maximizing the campaign impact of the president. Lewis works with presidents to focus on presidential communications, selective gift solicitations and donor engagement, and trustee presentations.
  • Building an effective chair-president relationship and engaged board. Lewis will counsel the chair of the board in the development of an effective relationship with the president and a stronger, more engaged board. The president-chair relationship is the best indicator of institutional success.
  • Coaching and mentoring vice presidents for advancement as they prepare to lead a campaign.